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Eyedealist- Simple Lens Insurance


To help you get luxury glasses you love with fully-insured lenses at an unparalleled low price, we at Sholè Eyewear proudly developed our own Eyedealist program. Eyedealist is our own form of “lens insurance.” By becoming an Eyedealist, high-end independent luxury eyewear brands and premium lenses become instantly affordable for you. Don’t forget—in addition to the huge savings you will enjoy, your lenses will also be fully insured!



How it Works



Step 1: Pick your frame

When you come into one of our store locations, we start off by showing you our wide selection of premium-quality frames. You are free to take your time and try on every brand and style of frame that calls out to you. We are certain that you will discover the luxury frame of your dreams that both calls out to you aesthetically and also fits you perfectly.
We offer our clients competitive prices on our high-end merchandise. Moreover, where we really save you massive amounts of money is the next step—getting your prescription lenses.


Step 2:Bring In Your Prescription

Once you have picked out your ideal frame, next we need to make the prescription lenses perfectly fit the frame you have chosen. To do so, we need to have your prescription.
Other shops will charge you anywhere from $150 – $250 for standard prescription lenses. On top of the initial lens charge, upgrades such as scratch-resistance or anti-reflective coating are added for rates ranging from $50-$100 each. Instead, our Eyedealists receive the same quality lenses for a flat rate of $24 or $49.


Step 3: You are covered.

For the unbelievable cost of only $24 for single-vision prescription lenses or $49 for progressive lenses, your lenses are cut for you and are fully-insured. We are able to do this by only charging you what we pay at-cost.

Picture this, you pay a  $24 charge for your initial pair of lenses. You decide to become an Eyedealist and pay the $24 initial fee. For that initial fee, you will be an Eyedealist for two years! This way, you can rest easy knowing if something bad happens to your lenses, you are fully covered. And that’s it! Given how simple and cost-effective it is to join our Eyedealist lens insurance program, there is no excuse not to finally have the luxury glasses of your dreams—become an Eyedealist and join today!


* Frame purchase is necessary. Restrictions apply on specialty lens. Eyedealist is a two year program. 2 year lens payment is required at the time of purchase, one for the initial lens and one for a lens replacement anytime during the two years. Scratch resistance and AR coating is included.